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Licensed in Oregon

Feedback From Our Clients

You both are the golden treasure of the realty world. We enjoyed this process with you immensely. We love your philosophy, your values and the incredible help you gave us guiding us from finding a home. You really went above and beyond our expectations (and set the bar) from the negotiating stage, to appliances, to the inspections, permits…etc. We know we couldn’t have done this and ended up with such a wonderful home without you both. As far as we are concerned, there are no other realtors in Portland, Oregon! Also, thank you for treating us so well. We were initially a little shy in searching for a home because of our LGBTQ status. Thank you for making us feel right at home.

You both have been PRETTY amazing and we can’t wait to tell the world about our experience. We have appreciated the two of you more than we can express. You have made this transaction easier than we could have ever imagined! I will be writing my senator. 😉

We just wanted to say thank you again for all of your hard work during our buying and selling process. It was quite an adventure and we learned a lot! We really appreciate your dedication to making this process successful no matter what it took. We always felt that you were invested in our happiness and helping us do what was right for us and what made us most comfortable. We would not have dreamed of doing this with anyone other than you two!”

“We want to send out a HUGE thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to us during our entire process of selling and moving into our new home. We can not express to you both enough how much we learned and how comfortable we felt these last few months with the both of you. You are truly wonderful people that simply ooze enjoyment and dedication for your work. It’s such a great balance between the two of you as well…Mark calmed me down when I was feeling stressed and Michele kept me excited when I felt I’d had enough! We are thrilled that Roots Realty exists in Portland, amongst the deluge of superficial past experiences we’ve had with other larger real-estate agencies. Keep up the amazing job you both do and the service you provide us, your thankful clients!”

“We have been thrilled with all the help we got from you guys. By comparison, I am watching 2 people I work with go through the home buying process and can testify that neither of them are getting the level of help, service, friendship, expertise, advice and care that we received from Roots Realty. And they both LOVE their realtors! You guys are simply the best I have seen at what you do.”

“We’ll both miss the almost daily contact with you guys very much. Anyway, it has been just wonderful, to understate it a bit. We will be among the many begging to be on your list of happy references! Sign us up. So hard to believe that it has been less than a month and Zow! you got us a house. Just too cool. Thanks again! With great fondness…”

“Happy to refer another co-worker to you. Our experience with you and Mark was extremely positive. Much different than other realtors we had met in the past. We want to support that experience and support locally owned small businesses that do such wonderful work. I will continue referring friends as they come up.”

“I never got to officially thank you for being such pleasant people. I appreciate your hard work and relaxed attitudes. I hope to see you guys around town and will definitely be giving you guys a holler a few years down the road when we start thinking about an upgrade. Thanks again.”

“Thanks to everyone involved. You made it a great process, even with the difficulties and setbacks. We really appreciate it.”

Mark & Michele were wonderful to work with. They helped us through all stages of getting our house ready to sell, all the mountains of paperwork and helping us get a great price for our home. They were patient and incredibly knowledgeable in helping us find our new wonderful house also. They are both deeply ethical and we trusted them through every step of the process.

I highly recommend this great team for your real estate needs. Mark and Michele helped me adjust to home buying in Portland and were supportive during every part of the process and afterward also.

Awesome buyer advocates. You can’t ask for someone more in your corner than these guys. AND, they know the area, the law, the trends, the neighborhoods…

“We would be happy to be on your reference list. Reference away!”

…and many more, but you get the idea. Contact us, we can help you.