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We are no longer putting listings on this webpage, as it does not get much traffic. You may search properties for sale on, or on the listings portal of your choice. Almost all listings in the Portland Metro Area originate at the Regional Multiple Listing Service, & the public facing side of that is Please contact us with any questions & for more information.

The best way to go about buying real estate is to interview recommended RealtorsĀ® and then choose one of them to work for you exclusively. In Oregon, one RealtorĀ® is allowed by law to represent both parties to a transaction, but Roots Realty sees that as a conflict of interest. We only work for one side (either the buyer, or the seller) in each transaction.

The most accurate source for properties that are currently for sale in the Portland Metropolitan area is the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). As a consumer, you have access to these listings by going to (now Homesnap). There you can create a simple search to find homes that might meet your criteria. That should get your curiosity going enough to encourage you to reach out and find a Buyer's Agent to help you navigate the purchase process. The overwhelming majority of homes that actually sell are sold with Buyers and Sellers each having their own RealtorĀ® to watch out for their best interests.

Contact us today for an appointment to find out more about our services. You might also begin your education in buying or selling your home by visiting our Working With Roots section.