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Recommended Vendors

The real estate sales process is challenging. That’s why it’s important to work with people you can trust.

The quality of the mortgage brokers, home inspectors and escrow officers you work with will have a significant impact on the overall success of your real estate transaction… as well as the impact on your peace of mind.

We have had consistent success with all of the professionals listed here. They are among the very best in the Portland area, and they provide reliable expert services for many of our clients.

Recommended Lenders

We encourage you to call recommended mortgage brokers and ask for a Good Faith Estimate, which will help you compare loans, fees and interest rates. Tell them we sent you to them, and they will treat you excellently!

Anette Sieverson, Pacific Residential Mortgage
» website  » email  » phone 503-670-0525
Read Anette’s advice on selecting a mortgage broker.

You may want to review this Mortgage Shopping brochure from the National Association of Realtors for information on selecting a lender. Also, check to see if your loan officer is registered with the State of Oregon.

Recommended Escrow Officers

This is an excellent escrow officer with whom we have had great success:

Steve Skare, First American Title
» website  » email  » phone 503-963-7345

Recommended Inspectors

Before you schedule a home inspection, please read this helpful information: Oregon Property Buyer Advisory

If you want to know more about sewers in Portland & why you want to videoscope the sewer as one of your inspections, here is some helpful information: Portland’s Sewer System – Information for Home Owners and Home Buyers

We have had excellent experience with these reputable companies through the years. You are not limited to any of these companies. As with hiring anyone, checking references is recommended. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Home Inspectors

Associated Master Inspectors, Toby Deming or Charlie Rouse, 503-236-1812

Owens Inspection Services, Bill Owens, 503-307-9112

Oil Tank and Soil Sample Companies

Xavier Environmental, John Harding, 503-236-3796

Dana Thompson Tanks, 503-244-7002

Cascade Environmental Services, 503-233-1193

GeoPotential Tank Search, 503-665-7520

Sewer Line Inspections & Repairs

McBee Boring & Excavation, Steve McBee, 503-939-5246

Root Excavation, 503-638-3447

Radon Testing & Radon Mitigation

Cascade Radon, 503-421-4813