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Selecting a Lender

When you first start thinking about purchasing a new home, getting pre-approved should be at the top of your list.

The power of a pre-approval is two-fold: it eliminates guesswork and gives you more negotiating power when you are ready to make an offer. Choosing whom to help you with the pre-approval is the next important step. People say that buying a home is the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make so choosing the right lender is critical since your decision will affect you for years to come. The lender you choose can make all the difference in whether the process is easy or painful, whether you get the right mortgage, or whether you even get a mortgage. A referral is generally the best way to pick your lender and you would want a lender who:

  • Has significant experience
  • Offers a broad range of loan programs
  • Is forthcoming in providing information and inquiring about your needs
  • Originates a high volume of loans so you know that the lender offers competitive rates and outstanding service.

You may ask why you should use a mortgage broker over your regular bank or credit union? The difference between a mortgage broker and your bank or credit union is that a mortgage broker can offer loans from a variety of lenders whereas a bank/credit union usually only offer their own internal programs. The advantage to using a broker is that the broker has the option to “shop” around in finding you the best deal rather than being “stuck” with only one option. From experience I also find that in most cases our guidelines are less restrictive and our process faster.

My assistant and I have both been in the mortgage business for many years so together we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are here to guide you through the mortgage process with ease, honesty and professionalism. Our goal is to make every client a raving fan and customer for life.

By Anette Sieverson
Pacific Residential Mortgage